Rabbi Tarphon said, “You are not required to complete the work, yet are you not free to abstain from it.

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Advocates Beware

Herein lies a cautionary tale of politics and climate change. The fossil fuel industry in New York State faced its most determined threats in the past two years and prevailed. Although a supermajority of Democrats in the State senate and the Assembly would appear to be insurmountable, the fossil fuel industry used its lobby arm… Continue reading Advocates Beware

Stovetop Focaccia

This recipe uses an 8” cast iron skillet with lid. Ingredients 2-1/2 cups “OO” flour ½ cup semolina flour 1tsp salt 1 TBS instant yeast 3 TBS olive oil 1 cup warm water Extra oil and kosher salt set aside for cooking Ten minutes of prep if using a food processor: Mix flours and stir… Continue reading Stovetop Focaccia

Efficiency v Health

The Western industrial style diet has spread across the world, gobbling up acres of grocery store space as it expands. This diet focuses on presenting foods on the wholesale and retail shelves and in refrigerated cases that are stable, long lasting, and appealing. The corporate food model is one of if not the most successful… Continue reading Efficiency v Health


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