Rabbi Tarphon said, “You are not required to complete the work, yet are you not free to abstain from it.

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Cooking Wine

Simple and Inexpensive Cheapest bottle with a screwtop Add 2-3 TBS kosher salt Shake to dissolve (it will foam) Bonus Open an awful bottle, add it to the cooking wine bottle

Almond Cookies

½ cup coconut flour ¼ cup almond flour 1 cup almond butter 1-1/2 cup sugar 3 eggs ¼ cup peanut oil 1 tsp almond extract ½ teaspoon salt OPTIONAL ½ cup chocolate nibs Preheat oven to 375o Mix together almond butter, sugar, eggs, extract, peanut oil and salt. Stir in nibs and both flours. Drop… Continue reading Almond Cookies


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