Rabbi Tarphon said, “You are not required to complete the work, yet are you not free to abstain from it.

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At Chautauqua Institute

I have been invited to present at Chautauqua Institute this summer. (https://www.chq.org/) I will be presenting a lecture followed by Q&A on the religious response to climate change, our obligations and our approaches. My lecture is scheduled for Monday, July 24th @ 2:00pm in the Hall of Philosophy. Woohoo!

Eggplant Pie – Southern Style

Eggplant Pie #1 One eggplant, peeled and choppedSalt1 TBL butterSplash of milk1 eggCorn FlakesTM  Cheddar Cheese, shredded Preheat oven to 350oF or 180oC Boil the eggplant in a pot of salted water until soft, about twenty minutes. Drain off water. Using a potato masher, mash the eggplant into a paste. Add the milk, a coupleā€¦

Cooking Wine

Simple and Inexpensive Cheapest bottle with a screwtopAdd 2-3 TBS kosher saltShake to dissolve (it will foam) Bonus Open an awful bottle, add it to the cooking wine bottle


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