Rabbi Tarphon said, “You are not required to complete the work, yet are you not free to abstain from it.

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Cream Biscuits

Cream Biscuit I got tired of the overly sticky and unworkable biscuit scratch recipes. These two flours work well together, although regular whole wheat flour will suffice. This recipe takes away a third of the usual amount of cream and adds cold butter for a more substantial dough. 1 cup (142g) – “OO” flour 1… Continue reading Cream Biscuits

Baking Powder

2 parts – Cream of Tartar 1 part – baking soda 1tsp – corn starch or potato starch Example: ½ cup – Cream of Tartar ¼ cup – baking soda 1tsp – potato starch Notes Cream of Tartar loses potency after one year. People on autoimmune diets should use potato starch instead of corn. Store… Continue reading Baking Powder


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