Peace would be Nice

Peace is not sexy, or at least it hasn’t been since the 60’s. Back then peace was intertwined with free love, drugs, and lots of music. Free love turned out to be a poor theory, drugs are still a scourge, but the music still sounds pretty good. Peace as it was depicted in the many decades ago has been demoted to a silly hand gesture and balloon letters surrounded by garish colors.
In our day, peace is great hypothetical. Sometime in the future, we will have peace. Somewhere on the planet, there is peace. We pray for peace, but praying is one of those suspect activities. Everyone talks of peace, political leaders, military leaders, corporate leaders and yet each and every one of them is trained, prepared, and paid to kill, destroy, maim, or overrun the enemy. Indeed, everyone talks about peace; few live it.
Maybe I am wrong that few have peace. Peace flies under the radar and is not easily reportable.
The murder rate in Israel and the territories is less than the murder rate in Philadelphia, even with the qassam rockets flying into Sderot and helicopter gunships are hitting targets in Gaza. Yet, our papers and our news programs tell us how dangerous Israel and the territories are. Places that have peace appear neither in the newspaper nor on the cable news or internet posting. Peace doesn’t sell.
Peace is slow. Watching peace is like watching paint dry on the wall. Nothing happens and what does happen is barely worth noting. When there is peace, there is no drama.

By Glenn Jacob

Rabbi, Community Leader, Fundraiser, Board Development, Non-profit management, strategic planning, educator, writer, and editor.

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