A better Recycling Day

Despite all the troubles in the world, we should also take time to compliment and give thanks when people, companies and governments take good actions. Yesterday my local government held one of its ongoing recycling events. This one specifically targeted electronic recycling but also included pharmaceuticals and paper shredding.

County workers directed us from the street through the parking lot to the “Recycle Run” as I named it. They took my name and my categories of recycling materials. I had old CPU’s, monitors, and printers. I followed the cones to the site and never left the car. Huge packing boxes were set out on both sides of the drive. After popping my trunk, the county workers pulled everything out of my trunk, sorted it immediately and placed it the appropriate boxes. If they took 90 seconds I would be surprised.

The United States lags behind most other nations in recycling usable materials. Some nations reach 90% while the U.S. hobbles along at 7 – 10% if the studies are accurate. There is no federal mandate and most states that provided funds at the local level have cut back. Counties and municipalities are left to grapple with their local landfills and trucking fees for getting the garbage out. South Hempstead Township in Nassau County, NY has made shrinking the landfill a priority with the recycling of the most dangerous and poisonous products to the most reusable items found in households.

Hats off to the township. This is a worthwhile program, well-conceived and executed as well.

To understand what a federally mandated but locally run successful garbage pickup/recycling program looks like, read the rules for South Korea here:


By Glenn Jacob

Rabbi, Community Leader, Fundraiser, Board Development, Non-profit management, strategic planning, educator, writer, and editor.

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