Deciphering food ads

Cheap food is usually advertized with lots of adjectives. The eggs are fluffy and syrup is sweet. Often the verbal cues will veer into the language of drugs such as “This sauce is addictive.”

Fancy foods or higher end restaurants do not use adjectives. They simply list the ingredients because the assumption is that the food is quality. There is no need to say fresh lettuce when the quality guarantees that all ingredients are fresh.

Expensive food is also not spoken of using drug metaphors. Ad copyists and food critics prefer sex metaphors for quality food. Think chocolate – good chocolate is sexy.

All of the above notes come from American linguists. The only insight I can offer is if you are in any establishment that refers to its food as “product” or “food product”, then leave as fast as you can. Eww.

By Glenn Jacob

Rabbi, Community Leader, Fundraiser, Board Development, Non-profit management, strategic planning, educator, writer, and editor.

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