To Criticize Israel

Israel has critics within and critics without.

The United Nations announced this week that Israel may have committed human rights violations during the conflict this past summer. For those who do not follow the United Nations, its agencies, and its history, the body has never failed to condemn the State of Israel in each and every conflict, major or minor.

No mention has been made of the assassination of “collaborators” by Hamas after the ceasefire – the roundups and deaths were caught on film. There has been no declaration of condemnation for the 200,000 dead in Syria or the ten thousands more in Iraq. Muslims can kill Muslims and expect the world body to maintain silence but not when Jews kill Muslims.

In this context, Jews who want to criticize the policies of the State of Israel silence themselves. Words that are given with love, respect and concern are twisted by outside agencies and used as bludgeons to further pummel Israel. This is not a liberal, progressive, or conservative issue. This is a phenomenon known by no other name than Jew-hatred.

As we have witnessed and documented across the globe, Jew-hatred is on the rise again. Much of it has little to do with Israel no matter how vocal the protestations. Will this scourge ever disappear?

Bombing Libya and more

The NYTimes just announced that Egypt and U.A.E. air force are the ones bombing targets in Libya, targeting Islamist militias. Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, published on the Op-Ed page of the NYTimes this morning that Qatar is the major funder of Hamas, even threatening to deport Hamas leader, Mr. Meshal if he agreed to a long-term cease-fire with Israel. Whatever one thinks about the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, none of these Arab players have any moral credibility as they fight among themselves, often using proxies. At one time, the manufactured hatred of Israel was enough to contain the internecine violence within and between the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. No longer. Israel could be compared to a sideshow alongside the civil wars and civilian massacres of the countries surrounding her.